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Playing Cards

Since 1824 Ferdinand Piatnik & Sons have manufactured playing cards and playing cards have always been the core product for the company. Today, the range is vast and includes a multitude of sizes, shapes and designs. This selection offers every region of the world a playing card game which embodies their traditions and preferences. Today, Piatnik provides playing cards for traditional games, such as bridge, poker, rummy, cribbage, bezique to name a few, deluxe double deck sets featuring European royalty and history, fine art from collections worldwide and unique single decks for fun, education and special gifts. If it is a playing card, Piatnik has produced it. 


"People who do not play, take themselves too seriously!"

Piatnik is a long established board game producer and offers many popular, fun games. In the USA the well known Art Memo Game has had great success along with other game choices. Piatnik's quest for new, interesting and educational games is never ending.


With access to the finest art museums in Europe, puzzles of art masterpieces were an obvious and popular choice for the current collection. However, the images are always selected to engender whimsy, encourage curiosity, form colorful and challenging patterns, and create a spark to peak the interest of everyone. If you are searching for a unique and different puzzle image, Piatnik is your source.

Anchor Stone

The famous building sets have been manufactured by hand since 1880 according to a traditional formula. These sets are produced from 100% natural materials and form precise stone-like elements to the highest ecological standards. You may create castles, palaces, towers, bridges. The creativity and fantasy are never limited with this product - Building Sets, Puzzles and Froebel educational gifts.